Isn’t it sad

As I sit here watching the 9pm news on the West coast, I find it incredibly sad that the Charlottesville, Virginia police department has to essentially shut the city down, on the anniversary of the nasty white supremacist demonstration ‘Unite the Right’ one year ago this weekend.  The event last August resulted in three people dying and over 38 other injured.  Fearing another catastrophic and dangerous event, authorities are prepping in an attempt to keep their residents as safe as possible.  Isn’t it a sad world that we live in, one that necessitates the closure of city streets and strict implementation of heavier rules, in order to keep people safe from each other?  It’s 2018 right now.  This country is the most volatile I have seen it in my lifetime.  It is scary at times as our future is uncertain.  It seems like nowhere is truly safe anymore as homegrown terrorists lurk in both urban and rural environments.  Our sense of community, with love for thy neighbor, feels lost but hopefully not forgotten.  I can’t help but wonder, where do we go from here?

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