This could be your last Thursday

As Kaiser sauntered into the bathroom, as he has been following me everywhere in recent weeks, I turned to look at his sunken face.  The bones of his skull are now exposed because of all the weight he has lost from cancer.  His hip bones are pronounced as they pop out just next to his tail and his spiky spine is rigid along the length of his back.  I have been feeding him several times a day with meaty meals, in an attempt to not only put weight on him but to also make his final days as happy as possible.

Kaiser has an incredible attitude considering his prognosis and that really is one of the most amazing attributes that animals have.  Since they don’t have the knowledge or awareness of their condition (or maybe they do), they are outwardly as happy as they feel.  Today he happens to feel pretty good so he is exuding joy from his eyes, as he chases me around the house.  He has gotten a few hyper jumps on the front door in over the past few days, as the UPS delivery man approaches and he goes into full-blown puppy dog mode again.  Hugo even suggested that we lean our mobile plastic gate against the door, in an effort to prevent our crazed old dog from pouncing on the door and possibly breaking the glass.  These are his last few days of excitement in his life so we decided to let him jump away, even if the door gets scratched.

When Kaiser followed me into the bathroom today I told him out loud, “This could be your last Thursday buddy.”  Not really sure why I said it but it just came out.  But it got me thinking; this could be all of our last Thursday.  Anything could happen to any one of us today and we could not make it to next week.  So, after my brief moment of inward reflection in my dimly bathroom this afternoon with my ailing dog, we both decided, together, to embrace every moment.  Live each day as if you are sick, but can’t feel it.  Chase your loved ones around the house, eat as much as you want, and don’t think so much.  In short, adopt Kaiser’s lifestyle.  Celebrate every day as a blessing because just like Kaiser, they could be our last.

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