Under one roof

After nearly fifteen hours of traveling the 2,872.6 miles from door-to-door, my mother bear arrived to our house safely.  That’s not to say that the trek was without bumps.  Actually, to be completely honest, it was riddled with bumps.

After driving from her home to the airport, severe weather delayed her outgoing flight by five hours.  Now, that is incredibly easy to type but when you are boarding, waiting, waiting some more, de-planing, waiting, trying to find something decent to eat at the airport, and then waiting some more for a little over 300 minutes, it sucks to say the least.  She finally departed for the left coast after the weather cleared and ultimately landed at 1:16am.  She gathered her checked luggage from the baggage claim carousel, her driver met her at the exit with a fancy name sign and she strapped herself into the backseat of her final leg of her trip.  As the driver joined a long line of vehicles patiently waiting to exit the airport parking garage and hit the road, both my mom and the driver realized something was wrong.  And the something that was wrong manifested itself in the form of an elderly, Asian parking garage ticket collector.  Thankfully, the speed at which this ticket collector processed exiting cars began to slowly improve and my mother’s car was able to begin the final leg of her voyage cross-country.  At almost half past two in the morning on this fine Saturday in late July, she arrived safely at our house.  We hugged, she tried on a bright red lifeguard jacket I gifted her, we checked out the new couches in our computer room, and we went to bed.

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