Rules of Engagement (Part 2)

As I embark on segment two of this series (which I didn’t even intend to write as a series but I realized I was going to write a book otherwise), I found it difficult to settle on what topic to discuss next.  None of my relationship-essential topics are being presented in any particular order because I truly value all of them as being just as vital as the next.  This topic, however, seems especially relevant today.  This is because I have been fairly helpless since last Friday, which my steady readership knows was the date of my fifth knee surgery.  In my time of need, my husband has been there, helping and attending to me in every way possible.  Caring for someone is the ultimate expression of love and that is why part two is about selflessness.

Hugo and I demonstrate selflessness pretty damn well and that is something I am proud of.  Someone from the outside might wrongly interpret this behavior as “waiting on” your husband or wife, by bringing them something to eat or drink so they don’t have to get up from the couch, or “spoiling” your significant other by surprising them with a small gift that you know they will enjoy.  This incorrect interpretation is applied when you choose to view these acts in a negative light.  Instead, if you choose to view this expression of love in a positive manner, then you understand they are selfless acts.  It makes me incredibly happy to care for the ones I love, including my husband and parents.  In fact, I find more joy in buying gifts for and doting on my loved ones than I do for myself.

Whether it is waking up early to pack lunch for someone you love, or spending hours constructing eight pieces of assembly-needed patio furniture (both of those examples are anchored in truth), acts of love towards others is a habit worth having.  Being selfless has invaluable benefits to a relationship and to the world at large.  Just imagine the implications to humanity if everyone put others ahead of themselves.  What a beautiful world it would be.



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