In a sea of fashion bloggers…where is the substance ladies?

Since I am relatively new to blogging, I have been spending a lot of my free time perusing the world-wide web in search of blogging tips, blog ideas and fellow bloggers.  As I sit here icing my knee at 9pm PST on a Tuesday night, I am finding myself disappointed at what I am finding.  Among the lists of female blogs out there, and very popular blogs at that, it appears like way too many women are writing about fashion trends, lipstick colors and shopping deals.  Maybe I shouldn’t generalize…there are also women writing about fitness, faith and family but even with those other topics peppered in there, where are the intellectual women out there?  I know you are out there.  Is writing about shopping really what the majority of other women, or men for that matter, want to read about? I guess in a time of #MeToo and female empowerment, I want to see stronger female expression overall.

One of my main issues with the entire female empowerment movement is the fact that  at times I don’t think women in America are treated unfairly or unequally.  Just a couple of weeks ago, women in Saudi Arabia were granted the right to drive.  You read that correctly: in June of 2018, women were finally ALLOWED to drive in another part of the world.  When women in first world countries read about the inequalities that exist in other parts of the world, I think it should provide a different perspective as to who is truly being treated unequally in this world.

As an only child and a daughter at that, both of my parents always let me pursue any interest I had.  Not once did I ever hear a harsh word frowning upon my dreams, however crazy, wild, or dangerous that they may have been.  I dreamed of being an orthopedic surgeon, a veterinarian, an environmental scientist, and about forty other professions.  Not once did I hear a discouraging word.  A lot can be said for that undying support, regardless of where my mind and heart guided me.  I finally settled on my current profession of the past 11 years and it happens to be a 95% male dominated workplace.  Women are the complete minority in my job and even the presence of women in this line of work is still a relatively new thing.  With all of that said, I worked just as hard as any man to gain my current employment and I am paid the exact same amount to do the job.  And I do the job really well, at times much better than my male counterparts.

I celebrate and promote strong women across the globe every day by waking up, driving my car, spending my hard-earned money, and making my own, independent decisions.  I only hope that one day the rest of our world catches up and women are afforded the right to choose how to live their lives.


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