Bird is the word

When I started this whole thing, one of my intentions was to share things that I absolutely love with the world.  For starters, I really love my Mom.  Hold the applause, she’s a great lady.  Have you met her?  You would dig her too.  She is 5’2″, although she has argued for years that she is 5’4″.  She is where I learned how to be a strong female force, with everything from her die-hard work ethic to her fiery temper, I am a huge part of my Mom and she is with me every day, despite our physical distance on separate coasts.  So, after that drum roll intro, the real reason for the mama bear info was that for the past fifteen years my Mom has been managing the international bookings for San Jorge Eco-Lodges & Botanical Reserves.  And because of this, I dig it.  And now, for my shameless plug, if you ever had an interest in seeing some of the world’s most beautiful birds, while navigating through the Ecuadorian hillsides, check it out.  It could change your life.

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